Angina Salt is the wife of affluent businessman Rupert Salt and mother to Veruca Salt, the incredibly-spoiled girl who was the winner of the second Wonka Golden Ticket.

She has no lines in the film, but she seems to roll her eyes, and downs a martini, when her daughter throws a tantrum over not having a golden ticket yet. When her husband (and his factory workers) locate a golden ticket for their daughter, Angina waits next to her husband with baited breath, hoping that this will appease their impatient and over indulged daughter.

During Veruca's comeuppance scene in the nut-sorting room, the Oompa Loompas throw a portrait of her down the garbage chute, shortly before Mr. Salt is thrown down there too (the Oompa Loompas blame Mr and Mrs. Salt's pampering and pandering of Veruca for the girl's bad behaviour and disobedience).

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