Mr. and Mrs. Salt were very scared of Veruca because she always screamed at them at the top of her lungs to get her what she wants. One day at a chocolate shop, Veruca spotted a huge chocolate bunny and said, "Mummy! Daddy! I want this chocolate bunny!" Mr. and Mrs. Salt came and looked at the bunny. "That looks good," Mr. Salt said. "But it cost a million dollars, honey bunches." "OH, COME ON, DADDY!" Veruca screamed. "IT'S SO SCRUMPTIOUS LOOKING, BUT YOU GUYS WON'T EVEN LET ME HAVE IT!" Veruca stormed out of the chocolate shop. Mr. and Mrs. Salts' faces were widned. They were scared of Veruca's screaming. They turned to each other. "Our daughter is scary," Mrs. Salt whimpered. "I know," Mr. Salt moaned. Then they both decided they'd give the chocolate bunny to her. When they came home with the chocolate bunny, Mrs. Salt called out, "Veruca! Come out, you 12-year-old! We've got you a delicious chocolate bunny, darling!" Veruca came out wearing a fluffy, pink robe. She was in a good mood, but she didn't look so good. She was pale and she was bending down a little. She couldn't hold herself up because she was too sick to do it. "Veruca, you don't look very well," Mr. Salt said in a low voice and with a sad face. "I have the stomach flu," Veruca said. She sounded older! (omg) She sounded like she was 16, not 12. She had a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, and when she sat down, she took a sip and set it on the table. At night, Veruca slept. In the morning, Veruca felt much better.