• Asnow89

    Hey Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans!

    Wikia is hosting a Fantasy Food Fight Bracket Tournament on Recipes Wiki, and we want YOU to be a part of it! We are asking that all of the communities on Wikia submit fictional foods from their wiki. For example, the Harry Potter Wiki might submit Butter Beer.

    Which foods come to mind? We are accepting nominations through Aug. 26, and then the battle for the one fictional food that will rule them all begins!

    Submit the foods from your community here! We accept multiple nominations per wiki, so the more the better!

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  • Jetraydude

    Both Movies?

    May 17, 2013 by Jetraydude

    I'm a little confused as to why there are pages on the Wiki that are about the 1971 movie and the 2005 movie, when the background and Main Page imply that it's only about the 2005 film.  I don't want to start getting rid of all the info about the old movie, but I still want some continuity here.

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  • SethDaigle

    How do I delete blog posts on this wiki? I can"t find any admins to do it.

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  • SethDaigle

    What would it be like if the children from the 2005 Charlie and the choclate factory were adults? Somebody give me a fan-made cast for the adult versions of the Charlie and the Chcolate Factory movie. I can't think of a cast. I'm pretty sure thats somebody has some good ideas. You can also think of what Mr. Wonka might be like. He could be elderly if you want.(Do not post any comments on this blog post. I want it to be deleted. I've decided to make my own Adult Charlie and the Choclate factory cast.

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  • Daniel1990

    The Creative quirky genious Tim Burton has recently put his adaption of the popular book through the looking glass to film with Alice In Wonderland.

    Using his trusted actors Johnny Depp and Helena Bonhma Carter the film was a financial and IMAX success.

    Presented in select theaters in digital 3D the film also received negative reviews from critics claiming it was as heartless as Planet of The Apes.

    In our official opinion it is mazing:)

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  • Daniel1990

    Lego Video Game!

    April 4, 2010 by Daniel1990

    A Lego Video Game adaption from Traveller's Tales, Warner Bros, Games and the Lego Company is currently in pre-production.

    Sets will also be created before hand.

    Release un-confirmed.

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