These children were eliminated from the group because of their negative traits that ended up being removed from the group,whilst Charlie remained because he didn't messed up anything.

Reasons Of The 4 Children Being Removed From The Group Edit

Augustus Gloop:Eliminated first from the group.Removed because of his greedy nature,he ended up falling in the Chocolate River and sucked in the pipe until saved by the Oompa Loompas.

Violet Beaugarde:Eliminated second from the group.Removed because of her competitive nature,she ended up turning into a giant blueberry by eating Willy Wonka's Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum,that was not ready yet to be chewed and disobeying Wonka's orders.

Veruca Salt:Eliminated third from the group.Removed because of her spoiled nature,she ended up being thrown into the garbage chute by the trained squirrels when she tried to choose one,which the squirrels are not for sale yet she just forces herself to get one.

Mike Teavee:Eliminated last from the group.Removed because of his nature that was interested in technology,ended up in the 'Television Chocolate' then left the factory very thin and tall than his father,his height was now possibly10 ft,because the Oompa Loompas grew him too much.

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