veruca salt's father is the nut shelling business and upon his daughter's demand of a golden ticket he innediately orders his employee lades to shell the chocolate wonka bars in order to discover it . after three days a worker lady discoverd the golden ticket and intended to hide it but she was soon discovered by Mr. Salt . that afternoon when Veruca comes home from riding her pony she collects her ticket and asks her dad for another pony .

violet was originally on a diet consisting of chewing gum but learned about the tickets and switched to candy bars . her mother accompanies her at the factory wearing matching blue sweat suits .

augustus brought out so many chocolate bars that eventually he discovered the golden ticket but got a bite out of it before realizing he had the ticket . he takes his mother to the chocolate factory .

mike teavee cracked a nut system and found the golden ticket . his teacher father accompanied him to the factory .

charlie found money in the street . he went to a shop and bought a Wonka bar . when he opened the bar he discovered the golden ticket .

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