As a rich girl thanks to her dad's nut company she is spoiled bratty pretty jealous [ mostly of violet ] and determined to get what she wants . she obviously does not care for the gum - chewing ticket winner violet . she pretends to be friends with her until the Inventing Room where violet turns into a blueberry . Veruca looks jealous when violet gets to have the gum and she does not . then when her nose turns purple Veruca is the first one to notice . she also raises her eyebrows [ meaning ha ha ] when violet first starts to swell up . violet's mother says that she can't have a blueberry as a daughter and asks Wonka how she's supposed to compete . Veruca suggests they put her into a county fair . Violet's mother clearly does not show that Veruca is a liking to her anyway . Veruca asks later on if violet will always be a blueberry hoping that she always would be one .  


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