The mixing machine is located in the,The Inventing Room,the mixing machine is makeing candy colorful and,mr wonka candy invention,and it was in the 2005 and the game.

2005 film Edit

And in the film the tour was in the invention room and it was full of mr wonka's candy inventions like,Hair toffee,Everlasting Gobstoppers,Three course dinner chewing gum,and other things that mr wonka made and the tour went out of the,Invention room,and the mixing macking is unknown.

the game Edit

in the game charlie ran into a mixing machine and oompa-loompas can power it up and,Charlie Bucket,he tells the,Oompa Loompas,to power the machine up and the oompa loompas power it up and it was up and runing,and the machine is unknown.

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