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Veruca Salt is one of the five lucky children to win a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. She is a spoiled little girl from Buckinghamshire, England and lives in a very rich estate. She ruthlessly controls her father in her spoiling manner by screaming and yelling. Her motto is " I WANT IT NOW! " Veruca Salt is portrayed by Julia Winter.

The Golden TicketEdit

Veruca Salt's father is in the nut shelling business and upon his daughter's demand of a gold
en ticket, he immediately orders his employee ladies to "shell" the chocolate Wonka bars in order to discover it. After three days, a worker lady discoveres a Golden Ticket and intends to hide it but she is discovered by Mr. Salt. That afternoon when Veruca comes home from riding her pony, she collects her ticket and asks her dad for another pony, which is another instance of her demanding, insolent and greedy nature.


  • Mr Salt: Veruca's father shows that he loves her daughter dearly by buying her lots of presents, but Veruca's greedy attitude gets the best of her and just wants more. Although, at the end of the movie her dad says 'no' when she asks him for something meaning that he actually learned something from the tour.
  • Violet Beauregarde: Doesn't like her, but pretends to be her "best friend".
  • Mike: In the book, they each share their criticism for Willy Wonka.
  • Willy Wonka: Willy Wonka thinks she's a disgusting little girl and Veruca doesn't like him because he refuses to sell a squirrel to her.
  • Mrs Beauregarde: Dislikes Veruca because she believes that she has bear her daughter in the  Factory contest and Violet "never loses".
  • Charlie Bucket: They are complete oppositesbut they never interacted with one another throughout the tour.
  • Mom: Same relationship as with her father.
  • Augustus Gloop: When Augustus was introducing himself to Willy Wonka, he cuts in front of Veruca and she made a traumatic face.

Veruca's AppearanceEdit

Veruca appears as (in the book) and 6-year-old girl, with short blond curly hair. She also wears bows and a purple dress and a pink mink coat. In the first movie, she appears as a tall sandy brown haired girl with freckles and looks about 13. She wears a red coat with black buttons and her temper tantrums are more outrageous than either the book's or the second movie's. In the 2005 movie, Veruca appears as a very pale brunette with very curly hair. She wears a white and gray mink coat and a white and pink dress with a pink purse and white tights. Her temper tantrums aren't bad, she just shouts and plays innocent often. She also seems more determined to get the squirrel for herself and is actually very British (at least more than the first movie). In the 2nd movie, she looks about 10-12. She always looks quite preppy and vain.

Veruca Salt's appearance


- Veruca's mom never said any lines in the movie.

- Veruca is the only one among the kids to interact with another parent which is Mrs Beauregarde.

- In the movie, the squirrels dropped Veruca in the garbage chute but in the game, the squirrels were also dropped with Veruca. It could possibly be that Veruca was heavier in the game.

- It is revealed that Veruca knows how to ride a pony.

- Veruca shouts to her dad and mum that she said "I want my golden ticket!" when the time is taking too long for the search that the workers did.

Veruca's SongEdit

Veruca's song is actually very low key and slow. It talks about how rotten she is, and how she belongs in the garbage chute with all the trash. 

Veruca Salt, the little brute, has just gone down the garbage chute, And she will meet as she descends, a rather different set of friends, a rather different set of friends... a rather different set of friends... A fish head for example cut, this morning from a halibut, An oyster from an oyster stew, a steak that no one else would chew. And lots of other things as well, each with its rather horrid smell, horrid smell ...These are Veruca's new found friends that she will meet as she descends. These are Veruca's new found friends... Who went and spoiled her, who indeed? Who pandered to her every need? Who turned her into such a brat? Who are the culprits, who did that? The guilty ones, now this is sad dear

old Mum, and loving Dad.

Information :

Family :

Dad: Mr. Salt

Mom: Mrs. Salt

Enemy : 'Violet Beauregarde & Charlie Bucket

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