Wonka's Welcome Song is the song used by Willy Wonka to greet his guests at his chocolate factory. The song is characterized by its catchy melody and high-pitched, somewhat-annoying singing.

2005 filmEdit

When the five children and their guardians finally arrive to Wonka's chocolate factory, they are not greeted by Mr. Wonka, but by a display of puppets resembling small children (almost remenising to the Audio-Animatronic children dolls from the "It's a Small World" attracion in the Disney Parks), dancing around and singing Wonka's Welcome Song. After the song is over, a chair pops up from the floor in the rear, but it is empty. A huge amount of fireworks is lit off, setting some of the puppets on fire. The show proceeds to melt down, and many close-ups are shown of the melting puppets. Mr. Wonka appears next to the guests, clapping and praising the show for the finale. After they leave the entrance, Oompa Loompas take the damaged puppets and put them in the Puppet Hospital and Burn Centre.


Willy Wonka,

Willy Wonka,

The amazing chocolatier.

Willy Wonka,

Willy Wonka,

Everybody give a cheer!

He's modest, clever, and so smart,

He barely can restrain it.

With so much generosity,

There is no way to contain it!

To contain it!

To contain, to contain, to contain!

Willy Wonka,

Willy Wonka,

He's the one that you're about to meet.

Willy Wonka,

Willy Wonka,

He's a genius who just can't be beat.

The magician and the chocolate wiz,

The best darn guy who ever lived,

Willy Wonka, here he is!fire

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